The Philosophy the Pindari Group follows is to use natural fertilizers and pest prevention preparations in all their crops and so produce clean healthy and high quality foodstuffs.

Secondly; to use highly sophisticated machinery to work the land. This entails the use of very large and complex machines in some cases, in preparation of tillable fields, and once the preparations are complete, change to micro machinery and tools for the maintenance of the crops. These methods results in enormous savings in time and fuel and reduce the carbon footprint dramatically.

Thirdly; the Group is preparing their own outlets to sell their produce and in doing so will guarantee the constant quality control and tracking of every product from the field to the consumer.

In the pursuit of the above the Group is developing two distinct projects;

One is to use the above methods in a specific scenario to enhance and assist agricultural developments in the emerging food producing markets of the Third World and;

Two,  Develop a model which will allow a farmer in the Mediterranean Region for instance, to make a very acceptable living from a 20 hectare farm without depending on ongoing Government subsidies.